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Get 3 Nintendo Wii Games For Only $20

This is a great deal going on at Walmart. You can get 3 Nintendo Wii games for only $20. Bundle and save! Get more and spend less when purchasing this Value Bundle. Save up to $30! And you can customize your bundle and pick which games you would like to have. Click here for this great Wii bundle deal.

Melissa & Doug Costumes

Melissa & Doug has some really cute Halloween costumes. And if you spend over $50 you can get free shipping with the code: FREESHIPFIFTY Click here to browse Melissa & Doug’s costume selection.

Laser Finger Beams

These look really cool. And they would be perfect for the kids for Halloween. They are laser finger beams. The best part, they are only $0.97 with free shipping. I’m ordering them for my son. Click here to order the laser finger beams.

Atari 10-in-1 TV Games

Who doesn’t love the old Atari game? I remember when we got the first Atari, it was awesome! It’s funny bringing back memories with these old games, and it even has the old school controller. Here are the games that come with this easy plug and play TV game:

Games include:
Real Sports Volleyball
Yars Revenge
Circus Atari
Missile Command

Click here for the Atari TV games.

Weekend Game Sale

GameFly is having a  weekend sale! You can save up to 75% off on the hottest Activision PC titles including CoD: Modern Warfare 3, Prototype 2 & Transformers: War for Cybertron. Hurry, this sale ends Monday.Click here to check out the games in this great sale. 

Madden NFL13

Today at Amazon, Madden NFL 13 is the deal of the day. You can get this game for $39.99 for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. That’s a great deal. Click here for the Madden NFL 13 game.


Save on Custom Cards and More

Here is a great deal to save up to 56% off Custom Cards, Invitations and Stationery from Wishing Tree Designs. There are three different ways you can save. Here they are:

  • $29 for $60 worth of custom cards, invitations, and stationery
  • $59 for $130 worth of custom cards, invitations, and stationery
  • $99 for $225 worth of custom cards, invitations, and stationery

This is perfect for the holidays coming up. Personalized gifts are always great. Click here for the deal on custom cards, invitations, and more.

Namco 11-in-1 TV Games Set with Pac-Man Joystick

This is super cool. You can play all the old school games on this Pac-Man joystick. This will bring hours of fun. Just plug and play on your TV. Here are the games it comes with:
Pac & Pal
Pac-Man Plus
Super Pac-Man
Dig Dug
New Rally X

Click here for the Pac-Man games set.

Deluxe Cars 2 TV Game

This is a fun plug n play Cars 2 TV game. It’s on sale right now at Amazon. The kids will love this video game, you just grab the wheel and go. Click here for the Cars 2 TV game.

Get a Free Month at Gamefly.

My son loves video games so I just signed him up for a free month at Gamefly. You can rent games and send them back to try out other games. It’s great. Games are so expensive, this is a good way to try a game before you buy it. Click here to try a free month at Gamefly.