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Great Deal on Educational Toys

Discovery Store is having an exclusive sale on educational toys. You can get an EXTRA 15% off the Discovery Stores Educational Toys. They have some really cool toys to help the kids learn. Just use the code SAVEEXTRA15 at checkout. Click here to browse the educational toy deal.

Free Shipping at Melissa & Doug

I love Melissa & Doug toys. They are made to last and hold up to years of child’s play. Right now, Melissa & Doug is offering free shipping on purchases over $50. They have have such a variety of toys from art& crafts, ride on toys, educational, and much more. You’ll have to check out their selection. To get the Free Shipping on any order over $50, just use the Code: FREESHIPFIFTY  Click here for the Melissa & Doug toys.

I’m Back!!

I’ve been out of town for a week and haven’t been able to post new updates. I went to visit family in Illinois. I planned on doing updates, then we were so busy visiting everyone, it just didn’t happen. So, as vacations go, I was sad to leave, but happy to return home. I’ve got some great deals for everyone too! And a new recipe from my mom. Lots to come. Enjoy!

The Like Book

This is at great idea. It is an I Like Book. The I Like Book is designed for children of all ages & is an open date 12 month format that can begin anytime. The kids version comes in 6 cool colors and has a lot fun quotes, stories, games & things to do inside to make everyone smile. Get started today; children crave the added attention of the I Like Book that makes them feel unique, special and loved. This would be a great gift for someone too. Just click here for the I Like Book.

Eco Crafts Kit from ALEX

I love finding neat crafty things to do with my son. It is so fun making stuff together and he loves it. I came across a new site that has some great kids toys. One I liked is an Eco Crafts Kit. You can help your child create 20 easy, earth-friendly crafts with stickers, papers, and recycled pencils. Just layer materials and glue or stick to make animals, puppets, and jewelry. The kit includes: 428 stickers and shapes, 6 recycled colored pencils, Craft sticks, Wooden spoons, Fork and spatula, Wooden buttons, Spools and beads, String, Ribbon, Tissue papers, Glue stick, and instructions. I wish I had this over the last few days, its been so rainy here and this would be a perfect activity for those rainy days. To see this fun activity, click here for the Eco Crafts Kit.

PBS Kids Sale Going On

There is a sale going on at PBS Kids. Right now you can get 15% off any size order. That’s great! Shop for your kids favorite characters. My son loves Curious George, Clifford the big Red Dog, Cat in the Hat, and more from PBS Kids. Have a look at their sale. To get 15% off just use Code= PBS15OFFANY  Just click here for 15% off at PBS Kids

Play-Doh Super Molding Set

This is a great Play Doh set. I have a similar one and it is so much fun. My son and I make the different patterns and molds, it is great. It comes with three cans of PLAY-DOH compound and more than 45 different cutters and accessories, the SUPER MOLDING MANIA set offers endless possibilities for creative play! The SUPER TOOLS SQUEEZE N POPPER tool lets you mould a shape and then pop it right out with a simple squeeze. And the PLAY-DOH PICK UP STICK tool helps remove creations from moulds and makes cleaning up fun and easy!Just click Here for the Play-Doh Super Molding Mania Set.

Tike Stix Clubhouse

I love Little Tikes toys and stuff. I just found a cool clubhouse idea for the kids. it is a stix clubhouse you can set up inside or outside and the kids would have so much fun playing in it. You can build a fort or a clubhouse, or several other things. Just let your imagination go and you will come up with some neat ideas. Now through July 2nd you can save $8 and get free shipping on their Stix Clubhouse. Just click here for the Little Tikes Stix Clubhouse.

Toy Story 3 Action Links Junkyard Escape Stunt Set

I love all the Toy Story movies. This is a really cool Toy Story 3 game I found. These games are a lot of fun. You can create wild adventures from the massive Disney/Pixar hit! Straight from the hit movie’s big finish, get a firm grasp on stunts like “The Claw” or get carried away on ‘The Conveyer Belt” stunt challenge. Action Links are linkable playsets that simply snap together to create an interactive, adventurous Toy Story world. Once connected, a simple push of a button sets off the fun, creating a chain reaction of events where characters fly through the air, zip line to safety and defend against evil villains, too! The kids will love this and you will have fun helping them put it together too. If you have Toy Story fans, check out the Toy Story 3 Action Links Junkyard Escape Stunt Set.

Fun & Easy to Make Music Instruments

I am getting ready to make a couple music instruments with my son. I wanted to share what we are going to do. First we are going to make a drum. Here are the easy instructions:


  • empty oatmeal box with cover
  • yarn
  • pen
  • 2 pencils
  • 2 spools
  • construction paper
  • crayons

Before you get started, you can decorate the oatmeal box with construction paper and crayons. Place the cover on the box. Use a pen to make a hole in the center of the cover and in the center of the bottom of the box. Through these holes, pull a piece of yarn long enough to hang around the childs neck down to their waist. For the drumsticks, you can place the spools at the ends of the pencils and secure with glue. Start beating!

This next one is super easy. It’s a shaker. Just get an empty water or soda bottle. Put some small rocks, or even rice and fill about half way. Put on the top and shake!! Hope you have fun making these instruments!