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Arts & Crafts Sale

1saleaday is having a big arts and crafts sale. I just ordered a 41 piece art set for my son. The prices are great and they include free shipping. You can’t beat it. Click here to browse the selection of arts and crafts.


Deal on Arts & Crafts Supplies

Here is a great deal on art supplies from For $15 you will get $30 worth of arts and crafts supplies from MisterArt. That’s a great deal and the kids will love to use their imagination with arts and crafts stuff. Just click here for the arts and crafts deal.

Eco Crafts Kit from ALEX

I love finding neat crafty things to do with my son. It is so fun making stuff together and he loves it. I came across a new site that has some great kids toys. One I liked is an Eco Crafts Kit. You can help your child create 20 easy, earth-friendly crafts with stickers, papers, and recycled pencils. Just layer materials and glue or stick to make animals, puppets, and jewelry. The kit includes: 428 stickers and shapes, 6 recycled colored pencils, Craft sticks, Wooden spoons, Fork and spatula, Wooden buttons, Spools and beads, String, Ribbon, Tissue papers, Glue stick, and instructions. I wish I had this over the last few days, its been so rainy here and this would be a perfect activity for those rainy days. To see this fun activity, click here for the Eco Crafts Kit.

Extra-Large Fine Classic Art Prints

This is a great deal! You can pick a 51″ x 34″ extra large fine classic art print for only $4.99! There are 9 different prints to choose from. These beautiful art prints have been produced on high quality heavy stock art paper and are remarkably bright and meticulously detailed. The price is so great, you can’t beat it. Just click here for the Extra-Large Fine Classic Art Prints.

Tike Stix Clubhouse

I love Little Tikes toys and stuff. I just found a cool clubhouse idea for the kids. it is a stix clubhouse you can set up inside or outside and the kids would have so much fun playing in it. You can build a fort or a clubhouse, or several other things. Just let your imagination go and you will come up with some neat ideas. Now through July 2nd you can save $8 and get free shipping on their Stix Clubhouse. Just click here for the Little Tikes Stix Clubhouse.

Paint and Decorate Kite Kit

I was just outside with my son trying to fly a kite. But,there just wasn’t enough wind, the kite wouldn’t stay up. My son started asking if we could make a kite. I told him I didn’t know how. So, I started looking around, and found a kite that you can decorate yourself. I thought that was a neat idea. It is from the Creative Line of HQ Kites, the Eddy Deco-Set “Paint and Decorate” provides a pre-made ready to fly kite kit made of completely white Tyvek. Kids can create their own imagination works of art on this kite. I love this. Click here for this paint and decorate kite and other kites.

Fun & Easy to Make Music Instruments

I am getting ready to make a couple music instruments with my son. I wanted to share what we are going to do. First we are going to make a drum. Here are the easy instructions:


  • empty oatmeal box with cover
  • yarn
  • pen
  • 2 pencils
  • 2 spools
  • construction paper
  • crayons

Before you get started, you can decorate the oatmeal box with construction paper and crayons. Place the cover on the box. Use a pen to make a hole in the center of the cover and in the center of the bottom of the box. Through these holes, pull a piece of yarn long enough to hang around the childs neck down to their waist. For the drumsticks, you can place the spools at the ends of the pencils and secure with glue. Start beating!

This next one is super easy. It’s a shaker. Just get an empty water or soda bottle. Put some small rocks, or even rice and fill about half way. Put on the top and shake!! Hope you have fun making these instruments!



Organize Your Life With Label Daddy


Label Daddy Label Maker

If you want to add some order to your life, the Label Daddy may be just what you need. No more sewing or ironing labels with this great tool for anyone. I really like that you can use different color fonts and icons when creating labels. The LabelDaddy makes it really easy to just peel and stick labels on just about anything to make your life a little more organized.
Click the following link and check out the all new low priced LabelDaddy!


Fun Crafty Site

I’m was sitting with my son doing some crafts with sparkles and glitter and glue and wood sticks. Lots of fun stuff. I have another site I’ve gotten some cheap crafty things from. I always check out their clearance items too, you can find some great bargains. Here you go, just click below: